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пластический хирург в Киеве, Украине - Доктор Зыков

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Plastic surgeon Doctor Zykov 

"Beauty can afford everything, everything can be forgiven to a beautiful woman"

Modern esthetic medicine is on the rise these days. In such a way, there is a whole list of procedures capable of making Your face and body more beautiful for any age. And a plastic surgeon is committed to help You.

If You are 20-30, it is too early to talk about aging changes. It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight, do care procedures, massages, surface peelings. It is also possible to nicely enlarge lips, change form of lips. Removal of black circles under eyes is possible by filling infra orbital area. This is one of the most rewarding areas. With no changes of proportions and expression of face, it gives a very fresh and relaxed look.

If You are 30-45, plastic surgeons recommend to add the following procedures to the ones mentioned above: biorevitalization, mesotherapy, light reinforcement or facelift by soluble threads, removal of nasolabial furrows, increase of cheek bones and cheeks, removal of wrinkles around eyes and crow feet. Also a good effect is created by micro liposuction of neck for removal of double chin. Also Dysport and Botox will level wrinkles of space between eyebrows and forehead.

After 45, very good results are provided by facelift, blepharoplasty, facelift with threads, micro liposuction of jowls, chin and neck, lifting of neck with threads, lift of eyebrows, lipofilling of face and hand rejuvenation, medial peeling.

For all ladies willing to improve the shape of breast, there is a range of modern and safe methods for augmentation of breast, lifting of breast that will help You to fill confident and fascinating. Getting rid of extra kilos is possible with the help of newest methods of liposuction that are of minimal traumatization and of maximally fast result.


In “Gallery” chapter You may get familiar with my works and assess my level of skill. Every patient is individual tome. I can well remember each patient as I always dedicate a lot of time to communication with a patient, finding patient’s wishes and vision of esthetic problems. I enjoy my work and am proud of its results. The highest reward to me is “new life” of my patients: life in harmony with oneself and one’s body.


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