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About clinic

The clinic where I operate meets all modern standards: availability of a medical license, qualified experienced staff, high-quality equipment, ensuring sterility and comfortable conditions for patients.

This is a new generation clinic, with a modern operating room and high-tech equipment. Cozy atmosphere, designer interior, absence of queues, polite and caring staff - all and every conditions are created here for a positive attitude of the patient and his or her safety.

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    Ensuring sterility

    I operate only in clinics that can provide maximum sterility. Therefore, I perform plastic surgery in an isolated private clinic that specializes exclusively in aesthetic medicine. This means that the operating room is only used for plastic surgery. Unlike other clinics, there are no patients with purulent diseases, proctology, urology, etc., and patients with different diseases do not overlap, which reduces the chances of a purulent infection to zero..

    During the period of quarantine restrictions due to COVID-19, the matter of isolation is especially important. At a time when municipal clinics and state surgery departments are closed, private clinics are forced to pull the entire flow of patients, that is why plastic surgery suffers: it has to intersect with "dirty surgery" (purulent, proctology, urology).


    Operating room equipment

    The operating room is equipped with modern high-tech equipment that allows to perform any aesthetic operations as safely and efficiently as possible:

    • Dräger certified narcosis and respiratory apparatus. . This equipment is a "golden standard" in the market of narcosis and respiratory equipment and there is nothing better in the world than it at the moment. Automatic drug injection systems provide for a comfortable wake up after anesthesia is a calm and painless way (More about anesthesia)

    • Electric tables , with tilt and height settings that make the operation more comfortable for the surgeon

    • Surgical lights with cameras , that record the operation in HD format

    • The system of supply and exhaust ventilation with geofilters, which provides the most sterile air (in most clinics there is no such thing) and a comfortable microclimate in the operating room

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      Comfortable wards

      The wards have all the conditions for a comfortable stay of the patient after the operation:

      • Functional beds with electric drive. These are the latest generation models that allow to set any convenient position of the bed section using a remote control.
      • Orthopedic mattress with perfect rigidity, suitable for the postoperative period
      • Signal button for instant communication with medical staff
      • Proper nutrition (not just delicious, but also as easy as possible for the digestive system, liver)
      • Bathroom, shower room
      • Wi-fi

      Medical license

      An identification number: 43065586
      The decision to issue a license from 09.10.2019 №2054
      Registration dossier from 09.10.2019 №1909 / 09-М

      Ministry of Health LicenseMinistry of Health LicenseConformity Sertificate

      The clinic is located in a brand new building, 10 minutes by car to the center of Kiev. Nearby there are comfortable hotels that can accommodate nonresident and foreign patients during their stay in Kiev.



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