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About me

Doctor Zykov Valentyn Anatolievich
Doctor Zykov Valentyn Anatolievich

Doctor Zykov Valentyn Anatolievich

Year of birth: 1969

Education: higher

Family status: married, loving husband and father of two wonderful kids

Hobbies: master of sports in tennis, snowboarding, windsurfing

Briefly about myself: a perfectionist

Life motto: If you want to do it well – do it yourself

Practicing surgeon since 1998

Winner of 21st National Program “Man of the Year 2016”, the first independent prize in Ukraine for top professional and social achievements.


  • Ukrainian National Medical University named after A.A. Bohomolets, Kiev City, KL 012758. Speciality- medical practice

  • Kiev Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education. Speciality – neurosurgery

  • National Medical University named after A.A. Bohomolets. Specialized course of plastic and reconstructive surgery

Actual member of USAPS – a Society of Progressive Plastic Surgeons of Ukraine.


USAPS Sertificate
Breast Enchancement
Aestetic Plastic Surgery
Aesthetic Breast And Body Surgery
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SKMBT C224e15111617391 0001
Rhinoplasty Shared Secret
Modern Rhinoplasty
SKMBT C224e15111617401 0001
SKMBT C224e15111617410 0001
SKMBT C224e15111617411 0001
Aptos Excellence
Juviderm Volbella Maa
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SKM C224e16042112520 0001
SKMBT C224e15111617402 0001
SKMBT C224e15111617400 0001


  • USAPS "Rhinoplasty. Shared secrets. Facial rejuvenation. An individual approach" 15-17th December 2017, Odessa, Ukraine
  • Madrid Course in Breast Enhancement 19 – 20th October 2017, Polytech health & aesthetics

  • Modern Rhinoplasty: Effective Techniques And Innovations 25 Fabruary St.Petersburg

  • Polytech Health & Aesthetics /Clinic Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Course 10-12 May 2016, Bucharest, Romania

  • AMI State of the Arm Medical Aesthetic Training Programme 2016 Athenes, Greece

  • The fourth international Live Surgery & Injections Course “Advanced Aesthetic Breast and Body Surgery 2016”. 21-23 October St.Petersburg

  • Advanced Course of the Polytech Excellence Academy "Augmentation with Microthane breast implants. Preoperation planning and measurements. Live operations" 29-29 July 2015 Riga, Latvia

  • Advanced Aesthetic Rhinoplasty, Otoplasty, And Facial Countouring, Live Surgery & Injections, 2015 St.Petersburg

  • Master-class "Lipofilling. Volumetric correction of large and small volumes" 26 October 2015 St.Petersburg

  • Advanced Training Course "Modern aesthetic surgery of the upper and lower eyelids, middle zone of the face 25-26 October 2015 St.Petersburg

  • Achieving excellence in breast surgery, Natrelle Academy, 2013 1-2 March, Kiev

  • "Topical issues of surgery" (Bogomolets National Medical University) Esthetic Education ORIGINAL 2013. Specialized course in aesthetic medicine. International summit.

  • "Threads Silhouette Soft. Non-surgical face lifting" with the right to further teaching

  • The teacher on application of threads and contour plastics of the company "Nike-Med"

  • Surgical methods of using threads "Happy Lift", "Aptos"

  • Course of Dysport and Neuronox injections

  • Contour plastic and mesotherapy with "Teosyal", "Juviderm", "Stylage", "Filorga", "Varioderm"

  • Application of the technique "Plasmolifting" PRP in aesthetic medicine

  • Plastic ear surgery from aesthetics to reconstruction


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