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Buttock Augmentation

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Nice tight buttocks of right shape in combination with slender waist are the fastest growing trend in the world of plastic surgery.

This is not a surprise as by results of tests among men held by British scientists, it is the combination of right waist and buttocks which is the strongest sexual sign to men. Only for the last year in accordance with USA statistics the number of operations for liposuction of waist and implantation or lipofilling of buttocks zone increased by 23%.

Liposculpture after 4 months. About 1 l was collected from the sides and waist, only 500 ml were injected into the buttocks

Photo: Liposculpture after 4 months. About 1 l was collected from the sides and lower back, only 500 ml were injected into the buttocks. The patient's weight before and after surgery is the same. You can go to work the next day

Many people think that buttocks are easy to augment in the gym with the help of physical exercise, though this is not true. Of course they will become of more round-shape after 2-3 years of exercises but not more than that and only slightly. Therefore augmentation of behind surgically is a highly demanded procedure.

Augmentation of buttocks with Polytech implant of 300 ml in combination with lipofilling

Photo: Augmentation of buttocks with Polytech implant of 300 ml in combination with lipofilling, therefore there are so many plasters. The incision is not seen as it is only 3 cm and is located in the intergluteal fold

What problems are resolved by plasty of buttocks?

200 ml smooth round buttock implants Polytech
200 ml smooth round buttock implants Polytech

Indications towards plastic surgery of buttocks:

  • Undeveloped gluteal muscles
  • Small size of pelvis (masculine type of stature)
  • Ptosis (prolapse) of buttocks
  • Uneven distribution of fatty tissue in gluteal area
  • Willingness of the patient to improve aesthetic look of the area of hips

Ways of buttock augmentation

There are 2 surgical ways of augmentation of gluteal area: with the help of implants (endoprosthesis) and correction of shape with own fat of the patient (lipofilling or Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)). Choice of the method of plasty takes place depending on anatomic specificities of the patient, his/her preferences and initial shape and condition of buttocks. Often these methods are applied in combination with each other.


Gluteoplasty is a plastic surgery for improvement of shape of buttocks by installation of silicone implants under the dorsal gluteal muscle through incisions of 3-4 cm long in the intergluteal fold. . In the end of surgical intervention, cosmetic sutures are applied with self-dissipating threads.


Installation of implants under the dorsal gluteal muscle makes to possible to reliably fix the implant.

Duration of surgical operation: about 1.5 – 2 hours
Narcosis: general

Augmentation of buttocks with the help of implants is most often used for weakly expressed area of hips or for patients with limited excessive fatty tissue for transplantation.

About gluteal implants

Damage, rupture or leakage of modern implants is excluded due to innovative strong envelope and filling with special cohesive silicone glue which does not diffuse and perfectly maintains the shape. Buttocks implants are very similar to breast implants. However, they have higher density and line of sizes is limited from 240 ml to 520 ml.

Polytech buttock implants
Polytech buttock implants

Implants of well-known and tested brand of Polytech are used for endoprosthetics in Ukraine like in Europe. The line of Polytech buttock implants is represented by prostheses of oval and round shape with three types of surface. However, mainly the implants of round shape and smooth surface are installed.

A patient never feels buttock prostheses: they are not felt while walking or sitting, do not move and do not overturn.

Implants have a life-long warranty and replacement is needed only in case of natural prolapse of buttocks over age or by wish of the patient.

Rehabilitation after endoprosthetics of buttocks

  • Stay in hospital: 1 day (until released by the anesthesiologist)
  • Pain feelings: 2-3 days fells like muscle soreness (pain relief drugs are prescribed if necessary)
  • Removal of sutures: no, self-dissipating threads
  • Period of complete restoration: 1-2 months
  • Going for sports: not before 2 months after surgical operation
  • Compression garments: wearing compression shorts during 3 weeks
  • Control examination: in 3-4 days
  • When is it possible to go to work:: in 7 days

Recommendations: to reduce pressure on gluteal area, i.e. sitting is possible immediately after surgical operation but not more than 15-30 minutes (for example: long flights are not recommended). Walking and sleeping on the back is possible immediately after endoprosthetics.

Buttock Lipofilling Brazilian Butt Lift

The essence of such surgical operation is injection of prepared cleansed fatty tissues of the patient into very small incisions in folds of intergluteal area. Fatty tissues are taken from hips, abdomen, sides as well as lower back and injected in a strictly defined quantity while creating the right shape of buttocks.

Duration of surgical operation: not exceeding 1 hour
Narcosis: general

Buttock Lipofilling

Photo: Excessive fat from abdomen, hips, back is removed through small incisions are transferred to buttocks while improving contours of the body in general

An undisputable advantage of BBL is complete absence of scars. A nice bonus to such surgical operation is removal of fat (liposuction) from problematic areas. However, one should be prepared that one procedure may be not enough for achievement of the needed result. As a result of lipofilling BBL, 50%-60% of injected fat is grafted successfully. Rejection of fatty tissue is excluded as those are own cells of the patient.


Photo: Liposculpture after 5 days. From the sides, waist and back gained about 1.5 liters of fat. 600 ml are injected into the buttocks. Over time, with a constant weight, the waist will become even thinner.

I do liposuction by methodology of Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) on state-of –the-art equipment of PAL-Lipsculptor with the function of vibration which makes it possible not to tear the fat but to break it with a cannula down to doughy condition; vibration causes emulsification of fatty tissue and excludes damage to non-fatty structures. Fat is acquired deeply therefore there are no irregularities left after acquisition of fat.

Combined technique, 200 ml Polytech implant and liposculpture. 7 days after surgery
Combined technique, 200 ml Polytech implant and liposculpture. 7 days after surgery

How does rehabilitation take place

  • Stay in the hospital: 1 day
  • Compression garments: wearing of control belt after liposuction within 3 weeks
  • Pain feelings: light discomfort is possible in the area of punctures within a week
  • Most of patients can return to habitual lifestyle in 5-7 days
  • Physical exercises - not before 3 weeks
  • Any small bruises and edemasare usually cured within a week
  • Period of complete restoration: 1-2 weeks

Recommendations: to avoid long sitting, pressure on the place of grafting of fat because percentage of grafting will reduce. Refusal from hazardous habits (smoking, alcohol) in order to provide for better inflow of blood to recently injected fat. Not to visit saunas and solariums.

Which method of plasty of buttocks to choose?

On the basis of my experience I can say the following: if corrections of small volume are needed, correction of small asymmetry, dents, cavities, making round-shape of gluteal area, in this case, the method of lipofilling will be sufficient (upon condition of availability of a sufficient quantity of fatty tissue in a patient). If there is no own fatty tissue (for example, fitness instructors who cannot pump gluteal muscles up to necessary size even with right systematic exercises due to genetic specificities), then only installation of implants is recommended.

Summary: I like the method of lipofilling for the opportunity of sculpturing, creating a new nice transition between the waist and buttocks (transplantation of fatty tissue from waist into buttocks) as well as an opportunity to remove fat from problematic areas (saddlebags, arms, back). I like endoprosthetics for fast creation of a stable ample shape of buttocks. In combination of endoprosthetics and lipofilling, one can make shape of buttocks and contours of the body in general an ideal.

Buttock Enhancement Cost

Buttock augmentation Price
With implants - gluteoplasty (the cost of the operation includes: anesthesia, hospitalization, Polytech implants, dressing) 3 200 euro
Fat transfer buttock augmentation 3000 - 4000 euro
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