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Lipofilling of the hands

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Rejuvenation of hands, lipofilling in combination with PRP plasma lifting in Kiev

Lipofilling of the hands before and after (15 ml of self-fat + 5 ml PRP)
Lipofilling of the hands before and after (15 ml of self-fat + 5 ml PRP)

Our brains read multiple indicators while assessing the age of a person. Even with hyper cared face and neck, hands may disclose real age because it is fatty tissue which is one of the first to leave hands making them sinewy and dried.

Filling with fat, lipofilling or lipografting in combination with plasma lifting give wonderful result many times exceeding filling with other fillers.

The procedure of lipografting of hands takes place as follows. After preliminary anesthesia in the area of lumbus, abdomen or buttocks, the surgeon acquires about 50-60 ml of own fat. Then, fat is processed in a special way – elements of blood are separated from fatty cells and the latter are injected with fine needles into the area of hands. Here, the technique of fine modeling with own fat makes it possible to make hands looking exactly the same as in young age.

Lipo Grafting of hands
Lipo Grafting of hands

Whatever well-groomed are face and neck, still hands may disclose the real age and spoil the impression. Lipofilling of hands is considered the most effective procedure of rejuvenation. It is much better than hyaluronic acid, Radiesse, laser etc. Fat both disguises and rejuvenates due to the record number of stem cells. It evens the surface, improves color and structure of skin. 50% of injected fat remains forever.

Such a procedure of rejuvenation of hands does not require subsequent rehabilitation and makes it possible for you to return immediately to the habitual rhythm of life.

Hand lipofilling Cost (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Lipofilling of 2 hands 1500 euro
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