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Liposuction of abdomen and hips

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Liposuction of hips and abdomen gives a sustainable and noticeable effect. Liposuction surgery is rather simple and of low traumatism. It makes it possible to get rid of fat in wide areas and get along with unnoticeable cicatrices. Excessive fatty deposits from abdomen and hips are removed with the help of a small incision and cannulas, vacuum tubes and special syringes.

Tumescent liposuction
Tumescent liposuction, after 2 hours you can go home

Abdomen liposuction

Round-shaped abdomen may be caused by stretch of abdominal muscles that cannot maintain a resilient shape of the abdomen. In this case, liposuction may give no results. If the reason of an increased abdomen is excessive fat deposits, liposuction will be the most efficient method of correction of contours of the body. Liposuction of the abdomen gives an excellent effect due to consistence of subcutaneous fatty layer. Most of patients remain happy about the results of surgery as they receive a slim figure for long years.

Liposuction reduces volumes of the abdomen and also makes it possible to model its shape and contours by removing all kinds of deformations of tissues. Plastic surgeon would examine the patient at a consultation and determine the volume, location, character and specificities of fatty deposits as well as condition of the skin. Method of liposuction is selected on the basis of findings of a doctor.

Hips liposuction

Patients with excessive deposits in the area of hips also refer for liposuction. Surgery only includes removal of fat and therefore is not suitable for patients having wrinkled flabby skin as well as disturbed elasticity skin due to a large weight loss. In that case, a radical surgical operation for removal of fat can be recommended which can be combined with liposuction to achieve the better effect.

Liposuction will help to substantially improve contours of hips and level irregularities of skin. Fatty deposits on internal surface of hips contain a small number of fiber tissues and therefore are easy to remove.

A surgical operation for removal of fat in the area of hips is done under local anesthesia. General narcosis may also be applied in case of removal of large volumes of fat. Liposuction of hips takes from 1.5 to 3 hours on average. The patient may leave the clinic in one hour after liposuction if operation took place under local anesthesia. It is recommended that the patient stays the in clinic for 1-3 days in case when general narcosis was used.

Abdomen and hips liposuction cost Kyiv, Ukraine

Liposuction (1 zone) 750 euro
Abdomen Liposuction 750 - 3000 euro
Inner Thigh Liposuction 1 500 euro
Outer Thigh Liposuction 1 500 euro
Knee Liposuction 1 500 euro
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