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Breast Lift

Breast lift or mastopexy is a plastic surgery for correction of shape of breast which allows to get rid of its descent, establish necessary height of breast and location of nipples and areolas on mammary gland.

Breast lift or reductive mammoplasty is a very good and well developed surgical operation. If we think of it, height of breast and nipples is a very precise indicator of age of the body. Sometimes the breast is of right shape and of reasonable size, however, if it is located below the “necessary place”, this immediately changes an impression. Therefore, breast lift rejuvenates proportions of the body.

Breast lift with round implants 240 ml, after 1 month

Photo: Breast lift with round implants 240 ml, after 1 month

Indications to mastopexy. Ptosis and its reasons

The main indication to mastopexy is ptosis which is a descent of mammary glands. Here, on can observe a disturbance of natural structures of support of breast that may happen for the following reasons::

  • as a result of sharp weight loss and continuous fluctuations of weight;
  • hormonal and age-related changes in the organism of a woman;
  • pregnancy and breast feeding;
  • abuse of hazardous habits causing loss of elasticity of skin;
  • too large size of breast;
  • wrongfully selected lingerie.

Attractive shape and resilience are returned to the breast with the help of plastic surgery.

Types of mastopexy

Breast lift without implants

Breast lift without application of implants is to remove certain areas of stretched skin and to form new shape of breast with the help of translocation of areola and nipples. It may be accomplished by several types of techniques of which the most popular are as follows:

  • Periareolar mastopexy, which is done through round-shaped incision in the area of areola. This way is suitable for ptosis of 1st degree where insignificant deformation of breast is observed.
  • Vertical lift is applied in case of disturbance of shape of breast of 2nd degree and is done with incisions around areola and vertically from areola to inframammary fold. This scheme is also referred to as “Lollipop” as visually the lines of incision remind of outlines of the famous lollipop by shape.
  • Anchor (T-shaped) lift is a modification of vertical mastopexy where the third vertical incision under the breast is added. It is indicated for large deformation of 3rd degree.

Types of mastopexy

I would like to add about my own practice: most often I am using “Lollipop” technique. It gives good lift of the breast as it moves nipples to any height. Unlike periareolar lift, healing around areola in “Lollipop” is always better as there is less tension of skin around the areola. Therefore, suture is thinner and it does not expand over time as in regular periareolar lift.

Periareolar lift in spite of its perceived simplicity is suitable to very few. For example, in case of large breast with or without an implant, after excision of even small fragment of skin and closure by a circle there is a very big tension of tissues that pulls areola downwards and forms rough and wide scar. Therefore, I do periareolar lift with minimal corrections, not overburdened breast and with high position of nipples.

Lollipop or anchor breast lift allows excision of much more tissues, easy movement of nipples to any height. Here, burden of tension of tissues is sustained by a vertical suture and areola is stitched with no tension. This allows receiving substantially smaller scars. As far as vertical scar is concerned, though it may be strange, probably by coincidence with cleavage lines, it is made most unnoticeable in breast surgery under the condition of quality layer by layer stitching. My experience shows that the most noticeable change is not the vertical or inframammary suture. Actually, this is the one around areola and not so beautiful picture is formedthere in high tensions..

Breast lift with lipofilling. 1 month after surgery

Photo: Breast lift without implants combined with lipofilling (fat introduced into the push-up area). Mini abdominoplasty. 1 month after surgery

Reduction mammoplasty

Reduction mammoplasty is recommended in case of excessive body weight and large size of breast. This surgery is aimed at reduction of breast and helps to remove excessive burden from spine and feeling of discomfort. Here, both expanded areas of skin are removed as well as fatty tissue and part of mammary glands.

Lift with implants

Lolly-pop breast lift with areola upward transfer and simultaneous installation of 300 ml round Eurosilicone implants

 Lolly-pop breast lift with areola upward transfer and simultaneous installation of 300 ml round Eurosilicone implants. 17 days after the operation, traces of compression underwear and swelling are still visible. Over time, the seams will disappear.

Lift with the use of implants makes it possible to cardinally reconstruct the shape an increase breast by several sizes and to reduce length of sutures. Installation of implants makes to possible to give young resilience and sexy shape to the breast. This method is recommended after sharp slimming or termination of breast feeding when large mammary glands are deformed too much and own tissue is not enough to restore the original shape. Implants of small volumes are sufficient to be used during the lift.

Read more about breast augmentation with implants

How surgery for lifting of mammary glands is performed

Mastopexy is done under central anesthesia. The process takes two hours on average. Like before other types of surgery, the patient undergoes full examination and passes necessary tests. Successful result of surgical intervention depends on the preparatory stage with modeling of future shape of breast and selection of a technique for fulfillment of defined tasks.

For this purpose, the breast is marked with precise assessment of all distances, marking places of incisions and points that will define the new position of areola and nipples. The scheme received in such a way will become a guidebook of plastic surgeon to do the surgery. The surgeon makes necessary incisions, removes redundant tissues and forms new shapes. Sutures are applied neatly after the end of the procedure.

Contraindications to mastopexy

Breast lift is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • within one year after breast feeding;
  • oncological diseases, mastopathy and tumors;
  • infections and exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • problems of blood coagulation;
  • patients with diabetes mellitus;
  • problems with heart, vascular and endocrinous systems.

Rehabilitation period

Patient spends several days in hospital after surgery. She cannot eat or drink before anesthesia is over and it is also recommended to stay in bed. Possible pain sensations and edemas disappear within a week. Patients receive pain relief medicines and antibacterial therapy if necessary. It is prohibited to lift heavy weights, visit sauna and fitness gyms during rehabilitation. It is compulsory to use special compression garments within the period of up to three weeks.

Stitches after reduction mammoplasty of the type
Stitches after reduction mammoplasty of the type "lollipop" after 1.5 months

Sutures after breast lift

Regretfully, breast lift is simply impossible without excision of skin and other tissues. Any excision would imply sutures. Yes, I am using the most up to date technology (those who do not know call it no suture, however this is a word play as actually there are sutures. However, they are inside and never come to surface and superficial layer is sealed with glue). Such variant does not require removal of sutures and gives minimal traces after operation.

Is it possible to replace breast lift with installation of large-size implants?

Yes, it is possible to install large-size implants, however, only with a SMALL degree of ptosis and good tissue condition. Such a solution will help to avoid vertical scars, which many girls are very afraid of and are categorically determined. Yet this option also has disadvantages: a large implant under the influence of gravity force can provoke breast prolapse in the future.

I personally prefer to do a breast lift (anchor or vertical "lollipop") in this situation, however, I respect the patient's opinion at the same time. If the patient is badly disposed to scars, then one can get along with installation of implants, however, one has to be prepared that the breast will eventually begin to get ptosed.

If a decision is still taken to put the implant without a lift, then it is important to observe the following points:

  1. I do not recommend placing implants larger than 450 ml. An optimal solution in this situation is to install B-lite implants which are 30% lighter than their alternatives
  2. It is necessary to strictly monitor one's weight to exclude its sharp changes
  3. With any physical activity - be sure to wear good supportive underwear

These measures will help to minimize breast droop, however, will not be able to completely stop the process - one cannot deceive physics.

During a consultation, we discuss with patients in detail all advantages and disadvantages of options of breast plastic surgery and choose the best option based on the patient's aesthetic preferences and her initial parameters.

Breast lift Cost Kyiv, Ukraine

Procedure Price
Breast Lift Without Implants 5000 euro
Breast Lift With Implants (price includes Polytech, Eurosilicone, Motiva or Mentor implants, compression underwear) 6000 euro
Breast Lift With Lightweight Implants (price includes B-Lite Microthane implants, compression underwear) 7000 euro
Breast Lift With Lipofilling 6 000 euro
Breast Reduction 4000 - 6000 euro


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