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Dark circles and Hollows under eyes

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Reasons of occurrence of bags, hollows and bruises under eyes

Dark circles under eyes treatment
Dark circles under eyes treatment

Occurrence of swelling, bags under eyes can be caused by multiple factors. First of all one has to pay attention to health condition. Swelling can take place as a result of cardiac insufficiency, diseases of kidneys or thyroid gland. Accumulation of liquid is also contributed to by wrongful lifestyle (stresses, smoking), abundance of salt and smoked food in daily diet. Bruises under eyes can be a consequence of excessive fatigue and continuous lack of sleep, hard diet and sharp loss of weight, as well as hazardous habits.

Specificities of contour plastics of nasolacrimal duct and infra-orbital region with preparations on the basis of hyaluronic acid.

Rightfully this area is one of the most complex ones from the technical prospective and important ones from the point of perception of the face. Particularly, this zone creates a feeling of freshness or tiredness of the face. With no correction of infra-orbital region, efforts for leveling wrinkles cannot substantially change a visual age of the patient. Infra-orbital region is one of three most important signs of age of a face: oval of the face, infra-orbital region (“valley of tears”), corners of the mouth (“folds of bitterness”).

Fat Transfer Eyes
Fat Transfer Eyes

Lipofilling of the area under eyes

Lipofilling of the face is done for a large range of purposes. Due to lipofilling, one can level contours of the face, remove asymmetry, fill “hollows” under eyes.

Filling with own fat of the patient is nowadays the most efficient method of removal of nasolacrimal groove, hollows, bruises under eyes. After transplantation, fat dissipates by 50%on average. The remaining mass remains forever, i.e. no additional correction is normally required. Unlike transparent fillers with hyaluronic acid, fat is of yellow color which is a color of skin. Therefore it nicely whitens circles around eyes and helps to achieve an absolutely natural result.

Eye Area Facial Contouring Cost in Kyiv, Ukraine

Dark circles and Hollows under eyes treatment Price
Lipofilling 1 zone 500 euro
Teosyal Global (1 ml) up to 8 months 230 euro
Teosyal Ultra Deep (1 ml) 260 euro
Teosyal Deep Lines (1 ml) 250 euro
Juvederm Volbella (1 ml) up to 15 months 250 euro
Juvederm Volift (1 ml) up to 15 months 270 euro
Juvederm Voluma (1 ml) up to 15-24 months 300 euro
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