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Lip augmentation

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Lip augmentation with fillers of hyaluronic acid, correction of lips

Lip augmentation before and after
Lip augmentation before and after

Correction of lips is a fine artistic work which depends on experience, professionalism, intuition and strict computation by a surgeon. In order to reach an ideal contour of lips, it is necessary to both inject the preparation in the right way and also to take into account the principles of harmony and proportion of the face of a patient. Augmentation of lips is the most demanded procedure in injection cosmetology these days.

Lip fillers
Lip fillers

Techniques of contour plastics of lips

There are two main techniques of contour plastics of lips. The first one is filling of the contour and the second one – filling of lips with vertical injections (Paris lips) on red surface of a lip. Let us review specificities of each technique.

Technique of filling of contour of lips
Technique of filling of contour of lips

Technique of filling of contour of lips

First of all, while doing contour plastics of lips one has to remembers that the volume is created out of two factors of filler and swelling, which increases with every minute in the first hour after injection and declines in two days after injection. Therefore, it is necessary to work in turn with symmetric areas and to complete the entire procedure within 10-15 minutes for symmetry of the results while combining all techniques for an ideal result.. While filling the contour one has to be moderate as overemphasized contour is noticed by everyone around as unnatural lips. Though at rest such overemphasized contour may look acceptable, natural mimics of lips are disturbed in motion and their artificiality is underlined. A principal moment is a very thorough mashing when one has to literally sculpture the contour of lips while redistributing the filler manually.

Paris lips - Bellucci, Johansson
Paris lips - Bellucci, Johansson

Technique of vertical injections or Paris lips

The technique of radial fan-like distribution along the lip gives a more natural look even in case of hyper correction. This was the technique of correction of lips of such stars as Monica Bellucci, Charlize Theron, and Scarlett Johansson. Internal surface of lips looks very natural after such correction both in motion and at rest. Please do not be disappointed if you are not satisfied with the result. There are methods to restore initial shape within 24 hours with the help of hyaluronidase and dexamethasone..

Lip Enhancement (Paris Lip)
Lip Enhancement (Paris Lip)

Augmentation of lips with the help of gel with hyaluronic acid

Augmentation of lips in Kiev is possible with natural gels of temporary and prolonged action. Temporary compounds stay in skin for up to 12 months and prolonged ones for 3-5 years. Dissipating (temporary, biodegradable) preparations are based on stabilized hyaluronic acid. This substance is contained in human skin and is responsible for maintaining the level of its humidity and contributes to production of collagen by cells. Immune system adequately responds to injections of hyaluronic acid: practically there are no reactions of rejection, complications or edemas. Injection of gel with hyaluronic acid is considered safe, has few contraindications and this procedure is suitable for people of a wide age range.

Lip augmentation with fillers
Lip augmentation with fillers

The main factors influencing duration of stay of gel in lips are blood supply of lips and age of a woman. Hyaluronidase is of high activity in postmenstrual period (menopause) and therefore compounds dissipate very quickly. A substantial role is played by such factor as quantity and intensity of kisses. Molecules of gel also decompose faster in lips subject to continuous massage. Here, dissipation of gels is a gradual process which is absolutely unnoticeable for everyone around. Women themselves note slow reduction of volume of lips during the entire period of stay of the compound inside lips.

Lip injections with Teosyal Global Action filler
Lip injections with Teosyal Global Action filler

I prefer to work only with highly reputable dissipating fillers based on biosynthetic hyaluronic acid of such well-known brands as Juvederm, Surgiderm, Stylage, and Teosyal. Preparations differ only by a manufacturing company and insignificant variations of composition (density of hyaluronic acid, its molecular weight etc.).

The procedure of injection of gel is practically painless. In case of low pain threshold I use conduction anesthesia: two injections under skin of upper lip and the patient feels no discomfort.

The result of the procedure (shape and size of lips) depends on wishes of the client. A plastic surgeon selects density of gel, quantity of hyaluronic acid and technic of injection which is individual for every patient.

How Much Does Lip Augmentation Cost in Kyiv, Ukraine?

Lip augmentation with filler
Teosyal Global (1 ml) up to 8 months 230 euro
Juvederm Volift (1 ml) up to 15 months 270 euro
Cheiloplasty (Bullhorn) 1500 euro
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