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Nasolabial Folds and Wrinkles

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Let us try to understand who nasolabial folds are aggravated with age. The first reason is sliding of upper tissues downwards and the second one is a pinch formed due to age-related changes of structure of skin.

Consequently, in order to make sure that correction of nasolabial folds makes the face better, it is necessary to act in several directions.

Nasolabial Fold

In order to remove nasolabial folds it is necessary to:

Depending on a degree of expression of the problem, I use different methods or a combination of those.

The first way, the most simple and the most popular one is used by both experienced surgeons and beginner cosmetologists. This is filling of nasolabial wrinkle with gel on the basis of hyaluronic acid. This is sufficient in most cases. The drawback of this method is that while filling the nasolabial fold, we make lower half of face heavier. And we do not remove the main reason which is sliding down of upper areas of cheeks and cheekbones. It is for that particular reason, I can tell you, that simple filling of nasolabial wrinkle does not always decorate and rejuvenate the face (especially for fattish and “cheeky” faces).

The second method is is lifting of face with fixing threads (not mesothreads). , I believe this method is the most efficient and physiological one. When I am visited for consultation, normally girls say “I would like it this way” and take cheeks and cheekbones with fingertips towards temples. Such an effect is provided for by good threads for many years. I am often asked: “For how long will the effect persist?” and I answer: “Forever”..Of course, the degree of lifting in 5 years will be less compared to the first year. The method is so good that I am using it as an addition to surgical facelift.

The third method is filling of cheekbones and infra-orbital region with own fat or gel on the basis of hyaluronic acid..

The fourth method is polishing of skin in the area of pinch , is always used as an addition to the first three.

Each of the above-listed methods is important in its own way and for each patient there is a method or a combination of methods.

I will quote an example to accentuate an importance of a comprehensive approach. Sometimes, for correction of nasolabial folds, one can inject filler only into cheeks, cheekbones and infra-orbital area with no application of injection of the filler into the nasolabial wrinkle itself. This method is efficient in very young patients. In most cases, it is necessary to inject the filler into the nasolabial wrinkle as well.

Nasolabial Fold Treatment Cost (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Nasolabial Folds and Wrinkles treatment Price
Teosyal Global (1 ml) up to 8 months 230 euro
Teosyal Ultra Deep (1 ml) 260 euro
Teosyal Deep Lines (1 ml) 250 euro
Juvederm Volbella (1 ml) up to 15 months 250 euro
Juvederm Volift (1 ml) up to 15 months 270 euro
Juvederm Voluma (1 ml) up to 15-24 months 300 euro
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