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Wrinkles around eyes (Crow's Feet)

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Crow's Feet
Crow's Feet

Removal of wrinkles around eyes or crow's feet in Kiev

Reasons for occurrence of wrinkles:

  • Thickening of corneous layer of epidermis

  • Reduction of hydration of skin due to reduction of hyaluronic acid which keeps the water

  • Disturbance of structure of skin due to accumulation of cross-bonded collagen and elastin (photoelastosis)

  • Activity of mimic musculature

Methods of removal of wrinkles are focused on solving these problems

  1. 1. Application of cream. .This is the most simple and affordable method. The main function of any cream is creation of a lipid membrane (saturation of the most superficial layers of epidermis) which prevents loss of moisture from skin. This explains the phenomenon of nearly the same efficiency of good children’s cream and a very expensive cream. Manufacturers of creams say nothing of the fact that 95% of ingredients of a cream are not capable of penetrating deeply to the “point of application” via basal membrane of skin. Maximal size of molecules capable of going through the membrane is 15 nm or 100 kDa. For example, molecular weight of collagen is 300 kDa and size is 300 nm, of hyaluronic acid of a good biorevitalizant (IAL SYSTEM) is 1 000 000 Da. Therefore, most of components remain within epidermis while nourishing and moisturizing it, though for a very short time. . An exception is cosmeceuticals (not to be confused with cosmetics).

  2. 2. Pealing, dermabrasion, laser methods carry out the dual function: the first one is to remove an excess of corneous layer of epidermis which gets sickened over age and the second one is an impact on receptors of cells responsible for regeneration of tissues. Such an impact can be mechanical (dermabrasion), chemical (pealing), or thermal (laser).

Dermal fillers for wrinkles around eyes
Dermal fillers for wrinkles around eyes

3. Biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the second layer of skin. The main function of the molecule of hyaluronic acid is keeping molecules of water around it. The larger is its molecular weight the more molecules of water it can keep. For example, one molecule of hyaluronic acid of weight of 1 000 000 Da keeps 500 molecules of water. Over age, the quantity of hyaluronic acid declines and skin becomes dehydrated. Regretfully normal hyaluronic acid (with sufficient molecular weight) cannot pass along with cream (see above of permeability of basal membrane). Therefore, one has to administer it underneath of basal membrane by injection method most often or by rollers..

4. Plasma lifting or PRP. Ageing and fading of skin takes place due to slowing of the process of regeneration and metabolism of cells. In order to suspend the process of ageing it is necessary to re-launch the mechanism of renewal of cells. In human blood, plasma, there are own natural mechanisms of renewal and all necessary elements for normal vital activity of cells and organism in general. . Bio-stimulating features of blood are substantially activated with high increase of concentration of platelets in tissues. And platelets, in their turn, contain regulating molecules that contribute to regeneration of tissues in case of their damage and in decline of activity of cells. With administration of platelet-enriched plasma, cells of connecting tissue (fibroblasts) located in deep layers begin to actively restructure collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid that are responsible for smoothness and turgidity of skin. . Along with that, restoration of matrix of dermal layer takes place and stimulation of enzymes decomposing cross-bound collagen and elastin as well as of macrophages of skin for destruction of redundant melanin.

Wrinkles around eyes (Crow's Feet) Treatment
Wrinkles around eyes (Crow's Feet) Treatment

5. Application of botulinictoxins and hexapeptidesThis is probably the most efficient procedure from cosmetic prospective. It is based on temporary immobilization of muscles under the wrinkle. The effect begins in 3-7 days.

  • 6. Administration of filler underneath or inside the wrinkle. It allows simple lifting of any wrinkle, even an old pinch. Effect is immediate in the doctor’s office.

    7. Mesothreads. In the area of installation of a thread which fully dissipates in 180-240 days there is a light invisible compaction of connecting tissue left with particularly continues to carry the “frame” function. The method has proven to be very good on thin flabby skin.

  • Combined application of various methodologies is necessary for achievement of a good result. Different wrinkles like a different age require an individual approach.

    Crows Feet Injections Cost (Kyiv, Ukraine)

    Wrinkles around eyes (Crow's Feet) treatment Price
    Juvederm Volbella (1 ml) up to 15 months 250 euro
    Juvederm Volift (1 ml) up to 15 months 270 euro
    Juvederm Voluma (1 ml) up to 15-24 months 300 euro
    Dysport Injections (1 zone) 140 euro
    Botox Injections (1 zone) 140 euro
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