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Face lifting, temporal lifting in Kiev

A technique of plastic surgery of lifting always includes an incision, excision of excessive skin, its lifting and fixation (or, by a number of methods, exfoliation of skin and some soft tissues to reduce stretch load on suture). This technic is not very pleasant one and therefore we shall not focus on it here as it was described many times. We shall just mention that liposuction is sometimes done along with face lifting – excessive fat is removed (from frontal surface of cheek, from chin area). This significantly improves the facial contours.

Temporal facelift after 3 hours

Photo: Temporal facelift after 3 hours

temporal facelift and lipofilling - video

The main types of face lifting

  • Deep lifting;

  • Medial lifting;

  • Thread lifting;

Types of lifting differ by the following features:

  • Type of incision;

  • Number of layers of tissues that underwent intervention;

  • Area of the face that which undergoes the procedure of face lifting;

  • Degree of invasiveness (surgical intervention).

Deep lift , while touching deep layers of skin as well as muscles accordingly, makes it possible to obtain maximal effect.. This type of lift is most suitable for aged patients willing to obtain an “effect for the face” as soon as possible.

The next less invasive method of lifting is a subperiosteal one when lifting of tissues above the bone is done.

The third type of lifting is lifting or the so-called skin lifting. In is applied in patients with small changes that require corrections.

The term of mini face lifting (mini lifting) means a lifting operation with the least degree of invasion (surgical intervention). . This method is most acceptable in young patients that do not have a need for traditional lifting.

Face and neck lifting after 2 weeks

Photo: Face and neck lifting after 2 weeks

Temporal facelift

Temporal facelift, 3 hours after surgery

Temporal face lifting is very popular these days. This is a method of lifting which is performed in the upper third of the face. A small incision is done on temples in hair and fascia of temporal muscle is lifted. Excessive skin is dissected. There are several “secrets” while doing temporal lifting that help to preserve the hair. The main of them is that tissues are not coagulated in the area of growth of hair and skin is not stitched in tension. All tension is located deeply in the tissues. The effect can be felt immediately: corners of eyebrows are lifted as well as outer corners of upper eyelids, cheekbone fatty tissue and sunken tissues of cheeks. Wrinkles in corners of eyes are leveled, nasolabial folds become less expressed. Most of patients may go to work as early as on the second day.

How long does the effect of face lifting last

The effect of rejuvenation from face lifting is preserved from 5 years to 15 years according to certain data.

Years pass and skin is again subjected to ageing changes. Normally, the need for the second lifting and rejuvenation of face occurs after the previous procedure of lifting when areas not subjected to surgical intervention become visible against the backdrop of operated areas of skin. The scope of required secondary lifting depends on the scope of previous interferences and on ageing changes at the moment of referral. For example, insignificant correction as secondary lifting will be sufficient for patients that have previously chosen deep lifting, while patients that received low invasive procedure of lifting will require an operation of a larger volume as secondary lifting.

Facelift cost (Kiev, Ukraine)

Facelift 5 000 euro
Temporal mini-facelift (temporal zone) 2 500 euro
Lower Facelift and Neck lift 3 000 euro
Temporal facelift + Thread Lifting 3 000 euro
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    Elian · 01/31/2019
    Hello I just found your site which I liked and found it very helpful..
    My name is Elian I am 40 old years my Russian is bad we are new to Ukraine .I need mini-facelift surgery and was hoping to connect with you in English.


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