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Liposuction of chin and jowls

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Реконструкция нижней челюсти жиром и липосакция шеи. 2 часа после начала операции профиль
Реконструкция нижней челюсти жиром и липосакция шеи. 2 часа после начала операции
Реконструкция нижней челюсти жиром и липосакция шеи. 2 часа после начала операции фас

Reconstruction of mandible with fat and liposuction of neck. 2 hours after the beginning of surgery

Tumecent liposuction of chin and neck with the formation of a youth angle
Tumecent liposuction of chin and neck with the formation of a youth angle

The main factor causing a double chin is genetics. It depends on our parents if we have a double chin therefore it may appear also in completely slim people. The second important factor is an excessive body weight. Development of jowls, overhanging cheeks cause a change of contour of facial oval and this is one of the main signs of age-related changes. One can level off all wrinkles and upgrade skin to an ideal condition, yet facial oval will certainly show your age.

There is a huge number of non-surgical, low efficiency and temporary methods of reduction of a double chin. Every time patients tell similar stories of undergoing 10 ultrasonic cavitation sessions, 10 cryodestruction sessions, doing physical exercises and massage of chin and having spent a lot of money and yet seeing no effect. The main idea of such methods is theoretical destruction of fatty cells by physical methods through skin, however in reality nothing happens. Or it can be stimulation of muscles of frontal surface of skin (massage, physical procedures, inunction, electrical stimulation, etc.)

There is a small effect while muscles are in tonus, however in two weeks with no procedures everything returns to the initial stage. The reason is that the fatty layer itself and the number of fatty cells remain unchanged as damaging the membrane of a fatty cell is rather difficult. This requires direct subcutaneous physical (tumescent liposuction, laser or ultrasonic liposuction) or chemical (deoxycholic acid, aqualyx) impact. The key word here is subcutaneous impact which implies the use of a conductor such as a needle or a cannula straight on subcutaneous fatty tissue.

Tumescent liposuction of the neck before and after 10 days


neck liposaction

How to remove double chin and jowls – tumescent liposuction

In these cases syringe tumescent micro liposuction of chin, cheeks, jowls and neck is the most effective procedure of low surgical injury. The procedure is of such low traumatism that patients may go to work the other day. Unlike laser and ultrasonic liposuction, it gives no complications such as formation of subcutaneous scar (nicely named “new collagen”) and burns.

Chin liposaction after 5 min
Chin liposaction after 5 min

How liposuction surgery is held

Syringe tumescent micro liposuction is done under local anesthesia. Preliminarily, a solution consisting of saline, anesthetic and adrenalin is injected via punctures by non-traumatic cannula. It evenly distributes in tissues causing a strong narrowing of blood vessels and swelling of adipocytes. As a result, the process of aspiration takes place much easier.

Neck tumescent liposuction +  chin augmentation with fillers, after 10 days
Neck tumescent liposuction + chin augmentation with fillers, after 10 days

After that, the doctor inserts a syringe into the place of accumulation of fat and pulls it out with the help of a piston of the syringe. This is a neat and low traumatic procedure which requires a top skill. Tumescent and syringe method is good of its short rehabilitation period. There are no bruises and edemas or they heal rather quickly. In addition, the surgeon strictly controls every stage, each milliliter of fat by using fine cannulas and therefore achieves optimal precise modeling which is not possible by machine methods.

Tumescent liposuction of chin and neck is the right procedure which can and should be done to every second girl. The sooner you decide the better result will be achieved. This is the best solution to form a beautiful line of chin and face oval. If your double chin began to form or jowls, do not waste time! The younger is the skin the better is its elasticity and the better is the effect of lifting with no drooping.

Buccal fat pads location
Buccal fat pads location

Removal of buccal fat pads

Removal of buccal fat pads gains huge popularity in esthetic medicine. Buccal fat pads are located between chewing and cheek muscles and form an additional volume of lower part of the face. This surgery gives an opportunity to get rid of expressed roundness of cheeks and make more expressive and fine outlines to facial oval and especially its lower areas.

Surgery of reduction of cheeks takes place under local anesthesia. All manipulations are done on internal side of a cheek therefore there is no reason to fear scars on the face. Buccal fat pads are removed via small incision followed by application of sutures.

Buccal fat pads have an interesting specificity: they substantially reduce on their own over age. Therefore, removal of buccal fat pads after the age of 35 is not feasible as this adds more age. In the age after 35 it is feasible to reduce jowls (are located below buccal fat pads).

Chin, neck, cheek liposuction cost Kiyv, Ukraine

Buccal Fat Pad Removal 1 500 euro
Chin, Jowls and Neck Liposuction 1 500 euro
Cheek Liposuction 1 000 euro
Liposuction (1 zone) 750 euro
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