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Открытая ринопластика, результат через 2,5 месяца
Открытая ринопластика, результат через 2,5 месяца профиль
Открытая ринопластика, результат через 2,5 месяца - 4 ракурса

Open rhinoplasty after 2,5 monthes

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Open rhinoplasty + chin lipofilling after 4 monthes
Open rhinoplasty + chin lipofilling after 4 monthes

Rhinoplasty is a surgical operation which belongs to plastic ones. Its objective is to correct size and shape of the nose, correct physiological or acquired deficiencies. This term also implies a complete restoration of the nose in case it is absent as a result of a disease or congenitally.

Nowadays, this service can undoubtedly be referred to as the most popular one in the sphere of plastic surgery. With the help of rhinoplasty, one can change profile, remove hump, correct a drooping tip, narrow or straight nasal back and alae.

Plastic surgeons in modern clinics do miracles by prolonging, shortening, improving proportions, straightening and making the most prominent part of the face more retroussé. In addition to aesthetic functions, rhinoplasty is also of a physiological importance. With its help, one can restore normal breathing by removing a defect of nasal septum.

Rhinoseptoplasty: correction of the back, tip and septum of the nose. After 7 days
Rhinoseptoplasty: correction of the back, tip and septum of the nose. After 7 days

Indications to rhinoplasty

Indications to surgery on the nose include:

  • Excessive size;
  • Lack of proportions;
  • Atypical shape;
  • Hump;
  • Thickened tip;
  • Drooping tip;
  • Large, extended alae, nostrils;
  • Curvature;
  • Disturbance of a physiological position of septum causing wrong breath that causes discomfort.

Strictly speaking, any discontent of the patient of his or her own nose is an indication to a surgery.

The sutures are not visible already on the 14th day after open rhinoplasty and nostril closure
The sutures are not visible already on the 14th day after open rhinoplasty and nostril closure

Relative and absolute contraindications

Surgical intervention on the nose is prohibited in the following cases:

  • chronic and acute diseases of internal organs;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • diseases of blood, disturbances of coagulation of blood;
  • viral infection;
  • inflammation of follicles in the nasal area;
  • mental disorders.

It is allowed to do rhinoplasty in patients below 18 upon written permission of parents or custodians.

Modern methods of rhinoplasty

Surgery is done under general anesthesia and normally lasts for up to 2 hours.

Nowadays, surgeons use several methods of surgical intervention.

Open rhinoplasty - scheme
Open rhinoplasty - scheme

Open rhinoplasty

Is done in case of a substantial volume of works or while doing a repeated interference. A surgeon makes incisions in the area of natural nasal folds, between nostrils and in the base of each nostril. Skin is separated from cartilage tissue. After that the doctor makes necessary manipulations for removal, augmentation or correction of an open area of a cartilage or a bone. An advantage of open rhinoplasty is in its convenience for a surgeon who observes the entire work area, and accordingly the results of work are better. Beautiful tip of the nose can only be made with open access.

Closed rhinoplasty

Closed intervention implies endonasal access. Symmetric notches are made along the nostril. Here, the surgeon manipulates in the area of limited visibility. This requires great precision, high qualification and vast experience. This method is good in insignificant corrections of nasal dorsum.

Closed rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty
Open rhinoplasty


Septoplasty is carried out on a septum for the purpose of its correction. However, it is done with full preservation of cartilage and bone tissue. This type of interference is used in case of a need to combine rhinoplasty and plastic surgery of nasal septum in order to return the capability of normal breathing to a patient.

Secondary rhinoplasty is allocated by specialists into a separate methodology as for doing it, it is necessary both to remove the problems after the first intervention and to avoid creating the new ones.

Rehabilitation of patients after rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty after 2 weeks and after 1 month
Open rhinoplasty after 2 weeks and after 1 month

Plastic fixator is mounted on the nose of a patient after surgery. It needs to be carried for 10 days. Turundas are inserted into nasal sinuses for correct fusion of tissues and prevention of bleeding. They can be removed as early as on 2nd day after rhinoplasty.

Post-surgical period causes no discomfort to the patient except for the necessity to breathe through the mouth while turundas are inserted into nasal sinuses (1-2 days). In case of extensive intervention, bruises in the area of eyes are admissible. They are cured along with removal of gypsum dressing. Physiological edema fully wanes within a month. However, brightly expressed swelling will become less noticeable as soon as in a week.

The patient is obliged to follow recommendations of the doctor about care of the nose inside and outside during the entire period of restoration. It is necessary to wash the nasal cavity with saline or Humer once a day for 14 days. After that it is necessary to apply an ointment with antibiotic onto internal nasal surface (Oflocain or Laevomecol). It is prohibited to carry spectacles and treat nasal dorsum roughly. It is possible to return to active sports in 2 weeks after nasal plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasty Cost Kyiv, Ukraine

Rhinoplasty (price includes: operation, anesthesia, hospitalization, fixator, dressing):  
Primary rhinoplasty 4 000 euro
Secondary rhinoplasty 5 000 euro
Rhino-septoplasty 4 500 euro


before and after rhinoplasty


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