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General list of medical tests and examinations before plastic surgery (mandatory for everybody):

Name of analysis (examination) Period of validity
General urine test 2 weeks
General blood test with a formula 2 weeks
Biochemical blood test (overall protein, bilirubin and its fractions, ALAT, ASAT, blood glucose) 2 weeks
Markers of hepatitis HBcAg, AtHCV 4 months
Antibodies to HIV 4 months
Blood group and Rh factor unlimited
Blood for RW (syphilis) 4 months
Coagulogram 2 weeks
ECG (electrocardiogram) 1 month
Flurography, X-ray of chest organs 1 year

!!! For plastic surgery of breast it is also necessary to do
✓ Ultrasonic examination of breasts

In case of chronic diseases it may be necessary to receive additional findings of a specialist. All these things are discussed at a preliminary consultation with a plastic surgeon.

!In case of sudden cold or another disease – surgical operation shall be postponed until complete recovery of the patient


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