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Contraindications to plastic surgery

  • Serious somatic diseases of heart, kidneys, liver and other organs

  • Hemophilia. Disorder of blood coagulation

  • Pregnancy

  • Period of lactation (surgery is not desirable as it is necessary to take preventive antibiotics for 5-7 days after it to prevent an inflammatory process). This can be hazardous for the child

  • Test results beyond the norm

  • Allergy to medical drugs

  • Inclination of skin towards development of keloid scars

  • Diabetes mellitus (still possible if glicated hemoglobin and glucose profile are normal. If not, it is necessary to normalize these indicators first)

  • Age below legal (only since the age of 18). An exception is otoplasty which is done even to children

  • Temporary relative contraindications such as influenza, acute respiratory viral infection

  • Mental diseases and special conditions

Temporary contraindications:

  • Onset of a cold when such symptoms may occur as cough, runny nose, joint ache, low fever (up to 37.2 Celsius) and a period immediately after sustained acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI) are contraindications to any plastic surgery. Surgical intervention in such a condition may cause serious postoperative complications and a lengthy restoration period.

Regretfully, nobody is protected against such force-majeure especially in fall-winter period of activation of ARVI. However, there is no reason to worry. In this case, surgery is postponed until the next convenient time after complete recovery of the patient.


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