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Preparing for Surgery

  • 3 days before, stop taking non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, that affect coagulation of blood (aspirin, analgin, diclofenac, ibuprofen, ketoprofen, naproxen, piroxicam, meloxicam, nimesulide) as well as omega 3 and dietary supplements

  • If you take any oral contraceptives – there is no need to stop them, however, it is necessary to inform plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist

  • It is desirable to stop visiting the gym in 2 weeks before surgery (especially if this is mammoplasty), because muscles must be relaxed to the extent possible. There should not be a tone of muscles or sensation of muscle soreness. This is important because if the muscles are in hypertonia, rehabilitation will be more painful and risk of hematomas will increase

  • It is recommended to abstain from smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages for at least half a month before surgery (or to reduce the volume of consumption 2 times). Rehabilitation always takes longer in smokers, edema stays longer compared to nonsmokers

  • If you would like to slim down or vice versa – to gain weight, it is better to do all these corrections before surgery as after it sharp changes of weight may negatively affect the end result

  • One may use sedative or hypnotic drugs at night before surgery

  • It is necessary to agree with a relative or a friend to take you home after surgery and stay with you for 2-3 days

! Do not eat or drink in for 6 hours before surgery !

Remember that a failure by the patient to follow recommendations in the preparatory period may provoke complications after surgery. Do not neglect such factors as:

  • diet, hazardous habits, physical or emotional stress before surgical operation, taking medical drugs;
  • chronic somatic diseases that may affect the condition of the immune system and overall condition of skin

What to take with you to surgical operation:

  • Passport, identification code and money
  • Comfortable clothing. It is better to prefer loose clothes made of natural materials which are easy to take on
  • Items of personal hygiene
  • Spare underwear
  • Water with no gas. You may drink only in few hours after recovery from anesthesia. As far as food is concerned, the clinic provides diet food for the time of stay in the hospital
  • Entertainment magazines, books, gadgets not to be bored in the ward


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