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It is necessary to follow all recommendations and prescriptions of a plastic surgeon after plastic surgery as this largely affects results of plastic surgery. The patient shall timely arrive at planned examinations and dressings and observe an established regime of nutrition and behavior.

Post-surgery period of each patient is individual depending on the scope of surgical intervention, specificity of the organism and observance of rules of postoperative care. Additional methods of treatment can be administered upon the need: physiotherapy, ultrasonic, stimulation current therapy or injection therapy, dermastamp, massage, etc

General recommendation after plastic surgeries:

  • To avoid physical stress, causing pain sensations and stretching of sutures in the zone of intervention

  • Observance of principles of right nutrition and water regime for maintenance and fast restoration of the organism after surgery

  • Edema of tissues develops immediately after surgery. This is a normal reaction of the organism. The peak of increase of edema falls onto 2nd -3rd day after surgery followed by a decline. The main part of swelling disappears within 2-3 weeks after surgery. Edemas and bruises that a natural consequences of any surgical intervention in most cases resolve during the period of restoration

  • To refuse from smoking

  • To avoid lengthy water treatments

  • One cannot change dressings on one’s own or use medicines or ointments not prescribed by the doctor

  • It is fully prohibited to remove crust from scars

*Detailed specificities of post-surgical period on each of plastic operations can be found in the chapter Procedures, by choosing the necessary service.

Symptoms one has to tell the doctor about

Rehabilitation is easy and painless in most cases. However, if you have the following symptoms, it is necessary to call the doctor urgently:

  • growing edema after 4-5 days after plastic surgery
  • sharp increase of pain
  • increase of body temperature to 38 Celsius and above
  • appearance of blood or accumulation of liquid in the place of surgical incisions
  • appearance of abundant eruption which can be connected to allergy to one of the medicines or an infection

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